IntegraStudio Beta 0.88

This is freely available evaluation package.

Note for Windows 8 users

When you run the installer on Windows 8 you might get a warning from SmartScreen, stating that Windows prevented the installer from running. This is because IntegraStudio is not specially certified for Windows 8. If such thing happens, please do the followng steps:

  • Click More info.
  • On the next screen, click Run anyway.
Note for former Visual Studio 2015 RC users

If you used Visual Studio 2015 RC before and now upgraded to official Visual Studio 2015 RTM, you need to use IntegraStudio 0.85 or later (previous versions are not compatible with Visual Studio 2015 RTM).

If you experience any issues (incl. crashing) with IntegraStudio 0.85 and Visual Studio 2015 RTM, uninstall IntegraStudio from Programs and features and install it again. This concerns only the situation when you have installed Visual Studio 2015 RC before. Otherwise no problems should occur.